Our Story

Meet the founders behind the Ecological Method

 So here it goes, we are Shahar and Keren, we've been best friends for over 20 years and share a super-duper strong passion for Nature and a Sustainable lifestyle. 

We believe in unity consciousness, giving back to earth, and making a genuine difference.  

The EcoLogical method is a female-owned low-waste company specialized in earth-conscious products.

Interestingly enough, the Hebrew meaning of our names is nature related. Keren means a beam of light, and Shahar is the twilight before sunrise. Like our names, throughout the past decades, our paths crossed one-another many times. The one thing that was clear as dawn was, our shared enthusiasm for a better world. 

Understanding the connection between our actions and their impact has been tremendous. Therefore, our purpose in life is to show people the significant effect they have on Mama Earth. We truly believe that by educating the people around us, we can all make a big difference.

Luckily for us, Nature is a powerful force, and we need to recognize it. Nature has the ability to heal itself and also our body, mind, and spirit.

Simple, conscious living helps to create a happy life and a wonderful future for everyone.

Turning a Brand into a Lifestyle

The Ecological Method is the lens through which we view everything, a Lifestyle.

Our main focus is to make eco-friendly products accessible, affordable, and attainable. We intend to help consumers make more sustainable choices. 

​Most of our products are plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and made ethically from sustainable materials.

Each time you make a purchase or make another sustainable choice, you increase your part in the change you want to see in the world.

We know you’re here because you care about our sustainable efforts and are making your own. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing the EcoLogical Method.

Self Realization for a Better Future

Finding a purpose helps us understand we have to act immediately to increase awareness for a Greener Planet. 

After years of chasing our friends, family and anyone we could get our hands-on, trying to make them reduce waste and consume single-use plastic. We have come to realize that in order to see a real impact, we have to do more. Influence as many people as possible and act out of inspiration.

When there is a big goal, every small piece naturally fits into its place. Even spending hours on social media, which is something we both see as a 'waste of time', becomes meaningful. 

It wasn't always like this, we had a deep respect for nature since we can remember. Yet, it became crystal clear to us as a result of the Coronavirus effects. 

Experiencing the consequences and the people around us opened our eyes and gave us perspective on what's truly important. 

Deep knowing it's the Planet who needs our attention, Mama earth, it's time to give back. We realized the need for healing, for the PLANET, and all beings everywhere. 

Not long after, we took the commitment to better understand how we can reduce our ecological footprint in the world. That commitment affected everything, our thoughts, behavior, and the way we look at the world. Eventually, it gave us a real purpose, which evolved into a method called 'EcoLogical Method'. 

Just like in Nature, we realized that if our intention is in coherence with our values and the environment, the “how” will reveal itself - a real synergy.

 Together let's make GREEN the new Black.