Tips for Making the Best Coffee with Reusable Pods

Brewing coffee with a reusable pod is a simple & straightforward process. Just follow these simple steps:

Grind your own coffee or buy ground coffee from a store. The best way to get fresh coffee from high-quality coffee beans is to grind them every day.

The best ground coffee is fine ground - we recommend going for a dark roast profile with a grind size of 142 microns, finely ground coffee.

You don't need too much pressure while tamping finely ground coffee, like espresso blends. In most cases, dripping coffee is due to too much pressure in the pod, as the water cannot get through the pod. Therefore, we suggest applying less pressure. Please keep in mind that this can also be affected by the density of the coffee. We advise trying a range of different setups and combinations until you find your perfect coffee, so you'll get the best results. Sometimes it's enough to simply put the lid back on and sometimes you need more pressure.  

    how to use reusable coffee pod nespresso vertuo reusable pod

    Coffee quantity: - The best results usually result from not filling the pod to the top as this will prevent the water from flowing freely and the result will not be optimal.

    The ideal set up is to tamp your coffee slightly below the top of the reusable pod,so that when you put the lid back on you barely have to apply pressure. 

    *We offer 2 sizes of reusable Vertuo pods: big and small. They contain the same amount of coffee. They differ only in how much water is poured by the machine. (The pods have diffrent barcodes)

    * For Espresso (2.7 oz water) use the Short pod

    * For Americano (7.7 oz water) use the Long pod

    if you like both types, we recommand getting 2 pods to have both options. 


    Tamping - Pack the coffee in with a tamper. Tamping is a crucial part of making a good cup of coffee. Your coffee can even change in taste based on how much pressure you use! Play with it till you find a balance that works for you.

      • After the coffee is used, you can simply empty the capsule with a knife and bin it into compost. Or you can use it as a fertilizer for your garden.

      how to use reusable coffee pod nespresso vertuo reusable capsule

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