Why should you use a reusable pod?

In the United States, coffee is the third most consumed beverage after water. Statisticians indicate that US citizens consume 4.4 kilograms of coffee annually. The United States is therefore listed as one of the world's first largest consumers. Currently, coffee plays a crucial role in the national economy.

Is it for a good reason? Coffee is an incredibly expensive beverage, and the machines used to make it require a substantial budget every year. In 1990, the arrival of the famous disposable pods on the market did not improve the situation. The revolutionary impact is undeniable, as they give you a perfectly dosed, flavorful and long-lasting cup of coffee, almost instantly. 

The only problem is the high costs of pods for consumers and for the environment. Reusable Pods are the answer

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It is estimated that the world consumes more than two billion pods every year, out of which more than half are sold in the United States alone. This is equal to buying more than 4 million pods a day, and 60 pods a second.

Environmental damage is unavoidable when these practices are carried out. As aluminum is a recyclable material, the pods can be recycled. In spite of Nespresso's extensive collection program designed to prevent this environmental disaster, only 20% of the pods have been returned for recycling so far, according to the Swiss brand's figures. In the end, 75% gets tossed in the trash, resulting in tons of waste each year.

By using reusable pods, you are supporting the environment. A major advantage of this refillable pod is that it can be refilled. Therefore, it is not necessary to throw it away once it has been used. It can be easily maintained and reused several times. By purchasing it, you help reduce global waste, one pod at a time.



In fact, the price of 1 pod is not that high: 0.75$ on average. Nevertheless, because we use so many pods every day, the average American spends over 800 dollars every year on coffee pods on their own. In comparison, you would only have spent 0.09$ per cup on coffee without them.

Reusable pods allow users to avoid purchasing new cups every time. In other words, instead of spending 0.75$ per cup, you just need to buy the coffee. Your annual coffee consumption will therefore be reduced by 65% as a result.

To use a concrete example, if you drink three cups of coffee per day, you will be saving 2.25$ per day; or 67.5$ per month; and 810$ per year.



You will absolutely love the reusable Nespresso pods if you liked the pod because of its ergonomics. It is both more environmentally friendly and more economical as well as ergonomic.

A user-friendly interface has been designed for easy use. All you need to do is open it to recharge it, and once it's refilled, close it to finish! To remove the coffee grounds, simply open the container. In addition, Nespresso pods are easy to maintain. You only have to rinse them under water to keep them clean.

Furthermore, its simplicity does not represent its only advantage for users. The ability to recover ground coffee after use is a feature that's also appreciated by many consumers. You can use it in a variety of ways, such as to make a beauty mask, to make candles, to make an anti-cellulite mask, etc. Additionally, it is an effective repellent in the vegetable garden as well as a powerful deodorant.

reusable coffee pod vertuo reusable pod nespresso coffee pod refillable coffee pod ecological method eco friendly

Pods are often criticized for being overly caffeine-dense. Recent research indicates that they contain four times as much caffeine as usual.

 Although this may not be true for all pods, the use of reusable pods can remove all doubts and dangers associated with pods. Due to the fact that the consumer can dose the amount of coffee that goes into the pods himself, he can limit his caffeine intake if he so wishes.

Now you can control the amount of caffeine you want in each cup with Vertuo reusable pods that come in two sizes - large or small!

Nespresso pods that can be re-used are made specifically out of stainless steel alloy. As a result, they are easy to maintain and don't pose any danger to the consumer. As they don't alter the nature of the food they contain, they pose no danger.

reusable coffee pod vertuo reusable pod nespresso coffee pod refillable coffee pod ecological method eco friendly


The Nespresso pod provides the opportunity to taste a wide variety of ground coffee. You are not deprived of this right by using a refillable pod. If anything, it gives you more freedoms! You are no longer restricted to the availability of pods on the shelves since pods can be refilled according to your needs and desires. Reusable pods can be used to prepare any coffee type.

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