Simple ways for a more sustainable picnic or camping

Going out to the park for a picnic or even camping in the woods for a few days is the best experience, you get the quiet and peaceful time you need after being stuck at home for such a long time. 

Unfortunately, a standard picnic usually ends up being a big mess, there's always too much plastic and waste in only a few hours. What can you do to make your next outdoor adventure as sustainable as possible?

Next time you organize any kind of outdoor activity, consider going zero-waste by bringing everything you need from home including reusable water bottles, not using disposable plastic cups, plates or cutlery.  Furthermore, always take all of your trash with you. Here are some of our easy tips, they are better for the planet as well as your bank account.

Sustainable picnic zero waste out door eco friendly lifestyle

1. Second-hand camping bag or picnic basket

Why purchase a brand new camping bag when there are plenty of second-hand ones available?
You will probably have at least one friend who owns a bag he didn’t use for a long time lying around, this is where the Barter market gets handy. 
If not, check out your local thrift shops or second-hand online sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and eBay.  

2. Wooden or metal cutlery

Same idea as the cups, why spend money and produce plastic waste on something you have in your own kitchen drawers?
Your home cabinet will probably have almost everything you need to pack for a zero-waste picnic, especially when it comes to reusable cutlery and serving spoons. If your cutlery at home is expensive and you don't want it to get lost, as sometimes happens on camping, we recommend purchasing bamboo set which includes a spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks and a straw in a carry case. They are light & chic and will come handy on a day-to-day basis even while getting a takeaway delivery at the office so you will never have to use a plastic fork ever again and you can start a zero-waste living. 

Sustainable picnic zero waste out door eco friendly lifestyle

3. Reusable cups and plates

Will you drink from a plastic throwaway cup at home or eat from a plastic plate? 
I bet the answer is NO, so why do it outside? 
Instead of wasting money on plastic disposable cups, just pack some reusable ones from your own kitchen like ceramic or stainless steel cups. If you are out camping a lot I recommend purchasing a few non-breakable ones, keeping them in your car, or have a camping bag ready to use at any time.
Always have a few extras for a friend who's thinking about using a plastic one and by that raise awareness at your outdoor gathering.

4. Reusable bottles

We believe you own an eco-friendly reusable water bottle for daily use, keep in mind that during a long out-door activity a small bottle just won't do the trick.  Next time you pack, make sure you bring along a few reusable large water bottles. 
Plastic disposable bottles are one of the largest pollutants out there and if you do not bring them with you, eventually you will find yourself buying them on the way and throwing them away after one use and you’ll save some dollars too in addition to plastic waste.  

5. Cloth towels & napkins

Let's make a deal, let us all stop buying anything we only use once and then throw away.
You can find a heap of cotton ones from your local op-shop that are reusable and washable. Another option is cutting an old towel, T-shirt or even a bad sheet into small sized pieces.
If you do intend on buying them, make sure they are recycled and made out of organic cotton, they will last longer and be sure to use them at all lots before throwing them away. 
Sustainable picnic zero waste out door eco friendly lifestyle

6. Reusable food wraps

Single-use plastic saran wrap is one of the worst enemies when it comes to pollution. The eco-friendly options are reusable food wraps like Beeswax wrap. There are many different kinds, just be sure you purchase a B-Corp certified brand. 
They are perfect for food storage and wrapping sandwiches, baked goods, cheese, or as a bowl cover. you can wash them and use them over and over for more than a year. just think about all the plastic bags and saran wrap you will avoid.

7. Reusable silicone bags and containers

If you get this far, you probably noticed the main goal in this article is replacing any single-use items with reusables. And this is the case for food storage like bowls; pack reusables and say no to the plastic variety. 
Silicone bags are a waste-free solution to pretty much everything you need for a zero-waste picnic. it is an ideal container for snacks, lunches, liquids, juices, vegetables, fruits, food, etc.


We know that before going on a trip you will probably visit your supermarket and purchase food items that come in plastic packaging such as chips, crackers, etc. make sure to recycle the packaging. Soft plastic recycling is now available across the U.S. and many other countries. And make sure you take all your rubbish with you when you’re done.

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