How to have a Greener Christmas


At Daily Acts, we know that change starts from within and then ripples out into our families, work, communities, and environments. Transforming the world begins by transforming ourselves - a process of being and becoming that we in the Ecological Method call personal ecology.

Taking time to be present and aware of ourselves, others, and our environments (being) and engaging in our personal growth and development, and prioritizing self-care practices (becoming) are ways to cultivate our personal ecology. By maintaining our personal ecology, we are able to maintain greater balance, sustain our energy, and foster greater resilience.

It is no small thing to be alive and engaged in this moment. To transform our lives, organizations, and movements, we must create communities of support and practices. Our approach to personal and organizational development is heart-centered. By using a range of evidence-based, transformative practices, we can increase our awareness, build shared language, and develop healthy personal and organizational habits. Daily Acts' purpose, vision, strategy, and culture center on this.

Personal Ecology Practices – from Self to Organization

As they say on a plane, "put your oxygen mask on first." For individuals and organizations to sustain themselves, we must stay attuned to our deeper purpose and practice self-care.

Personal ecology practices include meditation and mindfulness techniques, breathing techniques, presencing, check-ins, self-assessments, tools for managing time and urgency, movement and exercise, journaling, and creative problem-solving techniques. In order to achieve personal and organizational development and leadership, we must develop our emotional intelligence and competence. Furthermore, they enable effective communication and collaboration with diverse organizations and community members in our networks and alliances.

The first step to personal development is to teach, model, and speak these values.

We can remain nourished, inspired, and connected no matter what challenges we face when these practices are rooted in organizational priorities, culture, and common activities.

Be the light, Be present.

Even if you find some time to focus inwards, your habits will change accordingly and affect the world.

How to have a greener christmas ecological holiday

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