Creative Uses for Coffee Grounds and How to Dissolve Them

Coffee gets you started in the morning, but where are your grounds going? If your sink or garbage disposal is clogged with coffee grounds, you’re disposing of them wrong.
By disposing of your grounds in a safe, eco-friendly manner, we will prevent future coffee clogs. 
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What Dissolves Coffee Grounds?

When it comes to dissolving coffee grounds, there are a couple of different ways to break them up.
  1. The use of baking soda and vinegar is an excellent method of removing coffee grounds from pipes.
  2. You can clean out your sink easier by using hot water and soap to dissolve the oils.
  3. Drain cleaners containing chemicals should only be used as a last resort since they can damage your pipes and produce fumes. 

What are Coffee Grounds?

Natural coffee beans are insoluble in water. However, when coffee beans are roasted and ground, they become partially soluble. While most of the soluble parts end up in your cup, used coffee grounds are mostly fibers and oils that are resistant to both mild cleaning agents and water.

Can coffee grounds clog drains?

Due to the fact that the hot water from the brewing process does not "cook" them, they do not break down the way other things do. There is no harm in rinsing a few little grounds down the sink if you have them in the bottom of your cup.
In contrast, if you dump the coffee grounds into the sink and rinse them down, over time, the grounds will pile up and expand until they clog your pipes. Only instant coffee dissolves completely in hot water.

Coffee grounds can be washed down the sink, right?

There are some things you can only learn over time, whether you're a newbie or a budding connoisseur, such as how much coffee to put your reusable pod, what coffee type you prefer, and how to deal with used grounds.
Under no circumstances should they be disposed of down the sink. Coffee grounds should not be flushed down your drain or put in the garbage disposal, despite what you may have heard. 
Coffee has natural oils that are extracted along with the liquid when coffee is brewed. These oils leave a residue in your coffee maker and the bottom of your cup as well. This oily residue is what makes the grounds clump together and stick to the sides of the pipes. 
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The Right Way to Dispose of Coffee Grounds

What's the point of throwing away used coffee grounds when you can use them so effectively? 
  • As a fertilizer, dried grounds can be added directly to your garden soil or compost pile.
Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which is an important nutrient for plants. By neutralizing soil acidity, they prevent plants from becoming overly acidic. Plants also need phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, which are also found in coffee grounds. Additionally, they attract worms, which are beneficial for the soil. 
  • Add coffee grounds to your garden beds - Add 1 part coffee grounds to 3 parts soil to help improve soil structure and fertility in your garden beds.
  • Coffee grounds can be used as mulch- Roses and other plants with shallow root systems benefit from coffee grounds mulch, which prevents weeds from growing while still allowing water to penetrate.

Other uses for coffee grounds

  • For a natural body scrub, mix them with coconut oil.
  • To remove cooking odors, rub your hands with coffee grounds.
  • Ant hills can be repelled by spreading coffee grounds around them.
  • As a squirrel repellent, place them around trees.
  • Keep snails and slugs away from your plants by spreading them around.
  • To prevent cats from using your garden as a litter box, place them anywhere in your garden. 
The coffee grounds shouldn't ever end up in your sink again now that you know how to properly dispose of them. The grounds can be discarded or saved for later use after the coffee has been brewed. Coffee grounds can clog your sink, so always dispose of them properly to avoid a clogged sink!
No matter what kind of coffee you use, whether it's Nespresso vertuo reusable pods, Vertuo Next pods, or drip coffee, these rules apply.

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